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New summer collection 2020

  • $1.50$15.00

    Size: 9.25x14x4

    • Holds 2LBS-5LBS Volume
    • Color – Clear – color may vary depending on stock
    • Heavy Duty Premium Film Structure (5 mil thick) (NYLON IN STRUCTURE!!)
    • ROUNDED Corners
    • PREMIUM Zipper-top bags
    • DEEP Tear Notches
    • GREAT FOR: Spices, Cereal, Granola, Snacks, Cookies, Coffee, Seeds, Grain, Pet Treats

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    Aluminum Foil Pouch 1000g-Kilo

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  • $6.00$110.00

    Super Green comes to us directly from our farmer.  It’s not a blend, but a super potent leaf from the old mature trees of the Sumatra area.


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    Super Green

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