Super Green, Red Thai, Golden Bali – Warehouse Fire

February 20, 2018 By ec-botanicals Off

We received more information this morning further detailing the supply issues with Super Green, Red Thai, and Golden Bali.  There was a warehouse fire which destroyed the drying warehouse and everything inside.    This includes kratom leaf, grinding equipment, packaging equipment, everything!

We have sent ‘bonus’ payments to help rebuild their facility and help support their families during this time.   While they rebuild we will be working with them on a temporary supply processed at neighboring facilities.   We will test these strains soon and they will be posted as a alternative to Super Green, Red Thai and Golden Bali until our main supply warehouse is going again.  We have limited stock remaining for these items.



If you are interested in helping these families rebuild send us a message and we can detail how to make this happen.


Tim & Jenn