Where does our Kratom come from?

January 29, 2018 By ec-botanicals Off

Kratom is typically named for the region it’s harvested from.  On the map below you will see several areas of Indonesia that corresponds to names you will see on our site.   One of the main ones not listed Maeng Da.  That’s because it roughly translates to “Pimp Grade” and not a region.  It is suppose to be the best of the harvest.    Our Maenga Da kratom comes from the Sumatra region.  Others you will not see are Bentuangie, Horn and Extract.

  • Maeng Da = “Pimp Grade” aka best of harvest from Sumatra
  • Bentuangie = fermented drying process
  • Extract = Made from Sumatra leaf
  • Horn = different type of leaf (see comparison photos below), many vendors call this their Premium type

Kratom Leaf

Horned Kratom








Regions for Kratom Harvest